25C - Hall Tree

This hall tree has an old door for the back and a door panel for the front of the box. It has a hinged top for storage and is painted black and distressed. It is 72" tall, 32" wide and 16" deep. It sells for $675.00.

26C - Dry Sink

This painted antique white dry sink is built from a combination of door panels and new pine. Built to house a collection of antique jugs and dishes, it has adjustable shelving. It is 46" tall, 40" wide and 18" deep and sells for $750.00.

27C - Storage Cabinet

This storage cabinet is built from recycled door panels and windows. Used in an accountant's office, it houses baskets and papers for easy accessability. It is 36" tall, 45" wide and 18" deep and it sells for $625.00.

28C - Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Built for bathroom storage, this cabinet is made from recycled door panels and an old window. The hinges and latch are recycled as well. It is painted antique white and distressed. It is 60" tall, 26" wide and 15" deep and sells for $650.00.

29C Kitchen Island

This lovely kitchen island has been built from a combination of recycled doors and rough pine. The pine top has been stained and then coated with four coats of spar varnish. It is 6' long and 5' wide and sells for $3500.00.

30C Dry Sink

This dry sink was built to compliment the island in the previous picture and to house the kitchen sink. It is 5' wide 2' deep and sells for $850.00.

31C Dry Sink With Pebbled Glass Doors

This lovely dry sink has been built with rough pine and a pebbled glass window that has been cut in half and used for the doors of the cabinet. It is 36" wide, 48" tall and 20" deep and sells for $625.00.

32C Bathroom Vanity

With old doors used for the two sides  and the two doors, this bathroom vanity was built for an old Acadian home in Grand Desert Nova Scotia. It is 60" wide, 24" deep and 36" tall and sells for $850.00.

33C Door Panel Armoire

This armoire has been built almost entirely from recycled materials. The door panels are evident on both the sides and the doors and the shelves on the inside are old pine boards from from an old near Amherst, Nova Scotia. It is 72" tall, 52" wide and 18" deep and sells for $1075.00.

34C Bed

The headboard for this three quarter bed was built from an old wooden door and the footbard was built from rough pine to match. It sells for $750.00.

35C Red Hall Table

This charming hall table has two door panels for the side pieces. It is 48" wide, 46" tall and 12" deep and sells for $525.00.

36C Kitchen Island

This spectacular island is built entirely from recycled materials saved from a family cottage that was torn down.  The top was stained and coated with spar varnish. A one of a kind piece, it sells for $600.00.     

37C Kitchen Island

Another beautiful island built entirely from rough pine with doors built from wainscotting. The piece has been painted antique white and has been distressed. It sells for $850.00.


38C Pantry Cupboard

This pantry cupboard is built from rough pine with doors built from old door panels. It is painted antique white and distressed and sells for $925.00.

39C Child's Armoire

This child's armoire is built from rough pine, wainscotting and old door  panels. It sells for $1175.00.

40C Recycling Cabinet

This cabinet was built to house recycling and cleaning products. The panels in the doors are from an old store in St John's that was built over one hundred years ago. It sells for $850.00.

41C Entertainment Cabinet

This cabinet is built from two old doors panels and can be used to house a TV and components. It sells for $600.00.

43C Recycled China Cabinet

This lovely cabinet is built almost entirely from recycled materials. the sides, windows and doors are made from old windows and door panels. It is 72" tall, 24" wide and 16" deep. The colour is "Fresh Cut Grass" and it sells for $925.00.

42C Highboy Cabinet/Dresser

 This lovely cabinet is built from recycled doors and rough pine. The original hardware is still in the door. It has been lightly distressed and sells for $1150.00.