CABINETS - CONTACT US AT CABINETS - CONTACT US AT 1P-Green and White Commode Built from old doors, trim and new pine. The paint on the doors is original with a natural crackle. 31523961 2P-Window Pane Cabinet Built from old doors, windows, window latches and trim. Painted beige and distressed. 31523962 3P-White Window Pane Cabinet Built from old doors, windows, window latches and trim. Painted white and distressed with a stain wash. 31674289 4P-China Cabinet This rough piece is built from an old window, an old door that has been cut in half for the sides, recycled trim and recycled spruce groove and tongue. 31674290 5P-Tall Yellow Door Panel Cabinet With the exception of the top and bottom and the shelves, this entire cabinet is built from door panels. It has been painted antique yellow and distressed for an old, country look. 31674291 6P-Pantry Cupboard The door on this cabinet came from an old grain bin in a barn. The paint on the outside, and the stain on the inside of the door are both original. The cabinet itself is built from a combination of recycled door panels and pine and has been painted and distressed. 31674292 7P-Pebbled Glass Cabinet Built from an old green door that has been cut in half. The door has been cut from an old French door. Recycled trim and window latch. 31523960 8P-Tall Window Pane Cabinet Built from old door panels, recycled trim and hardware (hinges, latch and drawer handle). The paint is original and the door is a recycled French door that has been custom fitted. 31674288 9P-Window Pane Cabinet Built from recycled door panels, trim and an old window latch. The door is an old wooden framed window with six panes of glass. The hardware from the door has been painted and applied to the side of the cabinet. 32023072 10P-Red Door Panel Cabinet Built from door panels with a recycled window latch for the closure. Painted red and distressed, this cabinet is great as bedside table or for extra storage. 32909891 11P-White Door Panel Cabinet Built once again from door panels, no two pieces are the same. 32910394 12P-Dry Sink Built from rough pine and recycled trim, this cabinet has been stained. The doors are painted white and crackled. 32910395 13P-Charming Little Cabinet Built from door panels and pine, this cabinet is painted ivory and is trimmed with an antique yellow. It's a little bigger than the door panel cabinets and perfect for extra storage in the bathroom or kitchen. 32910396 14P-Double Door Panel Cabinet Built from old door panels, trim and window latches. The crackle on the doors is original. 32023071 15P-Armoire Built from recycled door panels and trim. The finish on the doors is original with a natural crackle. 32911956 16P-Armoir With Glass Doors The doors made from old windows with dropped glass make this piece truly unique. 52719204 17P-Wall Cabinet Another piece with original crackle on the door, this cabinet would make a great medicine cabinet. 52719205 18P-Stained Wall Cabinet The doors are made from a long window with two panes of glass that has been cut in half. Another original piece. 52719206 19P-Spice Rack Rustic and painted red, this spice rack adds a splash of colour to any kitchen. 52719207 20P-Entertainment Cabinet This cabinet was built to house a TV and its components. Both the doors and the sides are built from old wooden doors. 52719208 21P-Headboard This headboard is made from an old wooden door that has had trim added and then been painted and distressed. 52719209 22P-Bathroom Vanity Built entirely from wooden door panels that have been painted and distressed. 52719210 23P-Hall Table Built entirely from pine, this is a sturdy little table. 52719213 24P-Barn Board Picture Frame A rustic frame trimmed in red to highlight the colour in the picture. 52719211 25P-Barn Board Picture Frame Another rustic frame used to set off a favourite picture. 52719212 26P - Sideboard This sideboard is built from a combination of recycled door panels and new pine. It is painted antique with a stained top. 88737916 27P - Bedside Tables Built from rough pine and painted white. 88737917 28P - Bedside Table This bedside table is perfect for in a child's room. It can painted any colour and even usde to house a TV and DVD player. 88737918 29P - Hall Storage Built for extra storage in an entry way, this piece has a hinged bench top and cubblies perfect for baskets. 88737919 30P - Bedside Table Another table perfect for in a child's room. Again, it can be painted any colour. 88737920 31P - Wall Cabinet This versatile cabinet could be used as a spice rack in the kitchen or a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. 88738889 32P - Dry Sink This cabinet is a variation of our popular dry sink. Built without drawers in the bottom, it is made from old door panels and two old windows. 88738890 33P - Bookshelf Built from new pine, this bookshelf is stained on the inside and painted black and distressed. 88738891 34P - Wooden Boxes Built from new pine, painted and distressed. 115413964 35P - Large Wooden Boxes These boxes make great toy boxes for young children. They can be peronalized. 115413965 36P - Canoe Bookcase This was an old cedar canoe. It was cut in half and turned into a bookshelf. 115413966 37P - Planting Table Built from rough pine this table is great for out in the garden. 115413967 38P - Door Panel Cabinet This buffet abd hutch is built almost entirely from recycled door panels. 115413968 39P - Bathroom Vanity and Wall Cabinet Built from rough pine and recycled door panels. 115413971 40P - Deck Bench Built from a restored church pew this piece is a perfect replacement for railing on a deck. 115413972 41P - Door Panel Cabinet Built from door panels. 115413973 42P - Door Panel Cabinet Another configuration built from door panels. 115413974 43P - Large Bookshelf A lovely paint and stain combination built from rough pine. 115413975 44P - Pantry Cupboard This pantry cupboard has a wonderful door made from an old door. 115830818 45P Canoe Bookcase Made from an old cedar canoe, this is a original bookcase. 168004467 46P Stained Glass Cabinet If you have the window, I can build the cabinet. 168004468 47P Shelving Unit The centre bookcase was built to hold a large fish tank and DVDs on the top. 168004469 48P Door Panel Cabinet This is a lovely large storage cabinet. 168004470 49P Bathroom Vanity Built from recycled doors, it adds character to any bathroom. 168004471 50P Church Window Cabinet The paint-stain combination makes this window pop. 168004472