RUFF- STUFF WOODWORKING


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 This china cabinet is a wonderful example of how Ruff-Stuff takes recycled materials and rough pine, and crafts them into beautiful, functional furniture. Two old wooden framed windows and two door panels form the cabinet doors, and an old door has been cut in half to build the sides of the cabinet. The back has been built from recycled wainscotting and the rest of the cabinet is filled in with pine. This cabinet sells for $1200.00.


Ruff-Stuff Woodworking is a small business in Musquodoboit Harbour that specializes in taking old parts and pieces destined for the landfill, and turning them into original home furnishings. Old doors, windows, latches,  barnboard and wood trim are combined with rough pine, and transformed into beautiful cabinets, bookcases, shelves, vanities, mirrors and more.

Much of our business is custom work built to our customer's specifications. We modify and build cabinets for specific uses and to fit spaces that need something special. As much as possible, we like to use recycled materials but also work with rough pine as well. The piece often dictates the material used, resulting in original, one of a kind furniture.

Ruff-Stuff enjoys recycling old materials into new pieces that will bring pleasure for many years to come. We like to think we are doing our part to help the environment and that the finished pieces look much better in someone's home than in the landfill. Please check out our custom pieces, and photo gallery to get a better idea of what we do. Enjoy!

Prices subject to change without notice.